Webinar: Develop the critical leadership skills as a startup founder

Join us in this webinar as we delve into how you, as a startup founder, can overcome leadership challenges, avoid the most common pitfalls in leadership in a startup context, and with simple tools, start to become a leader of a high-performance team, with better wellbeing and company culture as a bonus.

Transitioning from a founder's mindset to that of an inspiring leader is a difficult journey for many. It involves shifting from doing everything yourself and trusting mostly the work of you and your co-founders, to learningto let go, motivate, inspire, guide, and support other people in and around your startup to deliver high-quality work. Neglecting these leadership skills can increase the level of destructive conflict, create a poor culture of stress and burnout, and ultimately, lower the performance and output within the team.

At the heart of a successful company culture and result-driven output is the personal and leadership growth of its founders. Often, startup founders are set up to focus only on the development of the business, but their own personal growth and the cultivation of essential leadership skills gets overlooked. This session will take you through some of the mistakes to steer away from, highlight what to focus on to get the most out of your team’s potential, and take your leadership skills to the next level.

Kl. 14.00

Welcome and short introduction to DI Startup
Katrine Riisberg, Senior Adviser, DI Startup

Kl. 14.10 The do’s and don’ts of being a founder leader in a startup
Mia Jung, Head of Leadership Development and Leadership Coach, Founder to Leader, CBS
Kl. 14.30

Experiences from a startup founder
Steffen Andersen, Partner, Limepack