1-1 talk with Simon Lichtenberg

Join our exclusive conversation with Simon Lichtenberg, CEO and Founder of Trayton Group.

Simon is one of the most successful Danish entrepreneurs and businesspeople in China. He arrived in the country over 30 years ago and has since built Trayton Group into a dominant player in the home furniture business. Today, the company employs 2,000 people at its three manufacturing plants in Greater Shanghai, and is setting up a plant in Mexico. Most of the furniture is sold under the company's own brand Simon Li. Simon is also deeply involved in the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China, currently as national Vice Chairman. This role gives him a strong perspective on the opportunities and challenges of the foreign business contingency in China.

During the talk, we will learn about Simon’s experiences with developing a company from scratch. What are his thoughts on do’s and don’ts when operating in a market characterized by intransparency, tough competition, and local protectionism. Simon’s business is also directly impacted by China-US relations and the tariffs imposed by Donald Trump. Why do some foreign businesses record massive profits in China, while many others find it almost impossible to penetrate the market?  

We will also get Simon’s take on the broader political and economic challenges facing Danish companies in China. Is China still open to business? Are foreign companies receiving unfair treatment?

Programme (Danish time)

    • 09:30 Welcome and latest news from Sense China

    • 09:35 1-1 talk with Simon Lichtenberg

    • 10:15 End of webinar

The webinar starts:

29.02.2024 09:30