WEBINAR: Learn how well Australia managed the COVID-19 crisis – and what makes Down Under an interesting market for Danish companies

Foto: Getty images

In this webinar, the Danish Ambassador to Australia, H.E. Tom Nørring, describes how Australia has managed the COVID-19 crisis to have fewer outbreak cases and deaths than most countries in the world due to prompt and efficient lock-down combined with early-stage relief packages to ease the consequences of the pandemic domestically.

Thus, the country Down Under has achieved to ease the consequences economically according to OECD. Eventually, the Danish ambassador will provide his insights into Australia as a country with substantial market and export potential for Danish companies.

Thank you for your contribution for Denmark in Australia, H.E. Tom Nørring

As H.E. Tom Nørring will terminate his role as the Danish Ambassador to Australia in change of a similar role in Ghana, the Confederation of Danish Industry would like to use this occasion to appreciate the great effort and contribution H.E. Tom Nørring has achieved to support Danish business and relations in Australia in his term as ambassador.


09.00 Welcome by Jens Holst-Nielsen, Director, Global Market Development, Confederation of Danish Industry

09.05 H.E. Tom Nørring, Ambassador of Denmark to Australia with his presentation on key insights

09.20 Q&A where the audience can ask the ambassador questions about the situation in Australia

09.30 Webinar concludes and thank you to H.E. Tom Nørring