Bangladesh Construction & Building Sector

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and the Trade Council in Dhaka would like to invite you to this kick-off meeting on the opportunities in construction and infrastructure in Bangladesh.

With over 170 million people and a more than 5% growth in GDP every year since 2003, the Bangladesh construction market provides an opportunity. Real estate and commercial property prices have followed and risen significantly from 2005 and onwards.

At the same time Bangladesh faces certain challenges in the area. In 2018, Bangladesh was ranked number 8 globally in terms of population density and  urbanization. The Climate Change Vulnerability Index ranks Bangladesh as the country most vulnerable to climate change.

This has led to governmental policies and development plans in the building and construction sector. For example a tax reduction in industry for green buildings and the implementation of the Dhaka Structure Plan.

This is an opportunity for Danish companies in the building sector. Danish companies in the built environment sector have world-class capabilities and the naturalistic style of Danish interior design and product design is also much favoured by the Bangladesh high end consumers.



  • 3.5 million houses are added annually and the market for residential, commercial and office building stock is projected to increase by 72.3 billion USD by 2025.
  • Bangladesh GDP per capita grew 4% in 2020 — the highest in South Asia. Bangladesh is on track to classify as a middle income country by 2024.
  • The percentage of new green buildings is expected to rise more than 5% from 2021-2023 of all building stock.
  • Tax reductions in the industrial sector for green buildings have been implemented along with several green building and development programs.
  • The NDC targets a 25% reduction of overall energy consumption of commercial buildings.


  • A deep insight into business opportunities and demands in various aspects of the Bangladesh construction and building sector
  • Network access and knowledge sharing between Danish companies and Bangladeshi stakeholders
  • A unique opportunity to gain first-mover advantages.



    • 10:00/14:00 Sign In

    • 10:05/14:05 Opening Remarks by H.E. Ms Winnie Estrup Petersen, Ambassador of Denmark to Bangladesh

    • 10:08/14:08 Changing skyline of Dhaka and upcoming modern and green construction projects in the city

      the Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation, Mr. Atiqul Islam (TBC)

    • 10:13/14:13 The Demands and Business Opportunities of Green Technology in the Bangladeshi Construction Sector

      Mr Kim Toh , Consultant of the Embassy and Chief Architect of Surbana Jurong Bangladesh Ltd (Surbana Jurong is Singapores leading architect company)

    • 10:20/14:20 The Demands and Business Opportunities of Occupational Health and Safety in the sector

      Danish Sector Counsellor to Bangladesh, Mr. Søren Albertsen

    • 10:24/14:24 Experience of Danish SMEs like DEKO in the Bangladeshi market and scope of green solutions in the sector

      Speech/Remarks by Mr. Jimmy Rahim, CEO of DEKO

    • 10:28/14:28 Why are leading companies in the Bangladeshi construction and building sector such as BTI investing in relevant green tech, OHS and ISO Certifications?

      Managing Director, Building Technology and Ideas Ltd. (BTI), Mr. F. R. Khan

    • 10:35/14:35 Experience of Danish companies like Grundfos in the Bangladeshi market and scope of green innovation in the sector

      Remarks by Mr. George Rajkumar, Country Head of Grundfos India

    • 10:39/14:39 Why is Danish company Rockwool bullishly entering the Bangladeshi market now?

      Mr. Vinay Pratap Singh, Deputy Managing Director of Roxul Rockwool Technical Insulation India

    • 10:43/14:43 Q&A

    • 10:58/14:58 How the Trade & Sector Council can ‘matchmake’ Danish Expertise with the Local Demand

      Closing remarks by Mr Ali Mushtaq Butt, Head of Danish Trade Mission to Bangladesh