Taking the Temperature on China’s Green Transition

China's green transition

In 2020, president Xi Jinping announced the most ambitious climate target in his country’s history. China, the world’s biggest emitter of CO2, aims to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2060.

Meeting the target will be very difficult. It requires development of innovative technologies across many industries. It also requires a stable relationship with the rest of the world, as trade and knowledge exchange are key parts of the solution.

This webinar examines China’s progress on fulfilling its green ambitions. We have invited a distinguished panel of experts and practitioners to enlighten us on relevant topics. You will learn whether Chinese enterprises and research institutions possess the competencies to spearhead the progress? Can Western technologies play a long-term role considering the deteriorating geopolitical situation? Will solving other domestic challenges from skewed demographics to a poor healthcare system force China’s political leadership to downplay the green agenda? 

We also take look at the current status and future implications for Danish businesses with green solutions.


    • Alfred Che

      Alfred Che is a renowned expert on China’s green energy agenda. Alfred has a wealth of experience working with public and private organizations from promoting business between China and the international business community. For the past decade, Alfred has been VP, Government Affairs for Danfoss China. In this role, he has been a pioneer in introducing the “Danish Green Development Model” to a Chinese audience.

    • Heidi Berg

      Head of Partnership Development at NISS Campus. Heidi has worked with projects related to ESG issues over the last twelve years, both in Africa, South Asia, and China. Her experience includes investments in renewable energy, financial inclusion, textile industry and real estate. Heidi is a GRI certified sustainability professional, and holds a Master of International Management from the Norwegian business school NHH.

    • Peter Yan

      Peter Yan has worked in executive positions for companies such as Grundfos, Rockwool, USITO, and Electrolux. Peter was also the COO of the largest private energy portal in China for five years and before that worked with China’s Ministry of Commerce. Peter’s expertise includes policy analysis and advocacy, government affairs, and standards across a wide range of industries.