Energy Efficient Buildings in Canada – Webinar

Join this webinar to gain insights on the current market opportunities for Energy Efficient Buildings in Canada organized by DI and the Danish Trade Council in Canada.

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In December 2020, Canada launched a new ambitious climate plan that will pave the way for Canada to exceed the current CO2 reduction target of 30 pct. in 2030 compared to 2005 as well as reaching the net zero emissions in 2050.

Canada is the world's 10th largest economy and after COVID-19 a green recovery is a high priority for the Canadian government. The political priorities in Canada's new climate plan include increased energy efficiency, investments in renewable energy and green technology.

Specifically, in the autumn of 2020, the Canadian government launched the following initiatives in the field of energy efficiency:

  • 10 billion. DKK for energy efficiency in buildings as part of a growth plan that has a focus on green conversion.
  • 13 billion. DKK over a 7-year period for renovation of houses with a focus on energy-efficient solutions.
  • 7.5 billion DKK for energy efficiency of 'community buildings'.
  • The Government's Greening Government Strategy aimed at energy efficiency of government buildings.

The construction industry is among the largest sectors of the Canadian economy. In 2018, a total of 875 billion DKK was invested in new construction and 180 billion DKK in the renovation of new buildings.

The Net Zero target increasingly drives the Canadian market, as buildings account for 17 pct. of Canada's total CO2 emissions. The size of the Canadian market together with the political initiatives, creates very exciting opportunities for Danish companies specializing in green construction and renovation.

After COVID-19, Denmark has been a part of the government's export and investment promotion and has initiated a government dialogue with Canada with a focus on energy efficiency.

Canada is very aware of Denmark's global leadership position within renewable energy and energy efficiency and wants the inclusion of Danish companies' experiences and solutions on their agenda. 

The free trade agreement between Canada and the EU, eliminates 98 pct. of all tariffs, which gives Danish companies a particularly advantageous access to the Canadian market.

The meeting takes place on 23 February at 14.00-15.30 (Danish time) – 8.00–9.30 am (Canada/Eastern Time). The meeting takes place in English on the Microsoft Teams platform. Link and details to follow upon registration.


    • 14:00 Welcome and introduction

      By Hans Peter Slente, Senior Advisor, Danish Energy Industries Federation (DI Energy)

    • 14:05 Energy efficiency in buildings in Canada – Danish and Canadian perspectives

      By Anne Svendsen, Senior Energy Advisor, Danish Energy Agency

    • 14:20 Exporting sustainability to Canada

      By Vibeke Lydolph Lindblad, CEO, Christensen&Co

    • 14:35 High-performing, healthy green buildings, homes and communities throughout Canada

      By Jeff Ranson, Senior Associate, Canada Green Building Council

    • 14:50 Rockwool’s experience working with energy efficiency in buildings in Canada

      By Mark Bromiley, VP, Marketing & Business Development, Rockwool Canada

    • 15:05 Commercial opportunities for green and smart building technology in Canada

      By Shirin Karoubi, Senior Commercial Advisor, The Trade Council – North America

    • 15:15 Questions, answers - join the chat

    • 15:25 Webinar concludes