Ukraine Energy Webinar

The Confederation of Danish Industry and the Royal Danish Embassy in Kyiv invite you and your company to take part in the webinar on the energy sector in Ukraine.

THE WEBINAR seeks to gather a group of Danish companies within sustainable solutions in the energy sector, especially within energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and district heating. The activities include a keynote speech by the Ambassador, insights to the latest legislative issues and regulatory affairs in the energy sector in Ukraine, business cases from leading Danish companies, and opportunity projects presentations in the sector followed by Q&A-session

THE ENERGY SECTOR IN UKRAINE accounts for at least 4.6 percent of the GDP in Ukraine. The energy sector is facing major transitions due to the green agenda, the environmental impact of energy production, and a stricter environmental legislation.

Furthermore, the energy sector is one the primary contributor of CO2 emissions. The sector is thus seeking innovative technologies/solutions to upgrade and optimize the ways of energy consumption and production in Ukraine


WHY JOIN? The webinar on sustainable energy in Ukraine is your chance to meet key stakeholders and to gain deeper insights into the Ukrainian energy sector. Moreover, the webinar provides the chance to spur new business opportunities in areas where Danish companies have key competences.

WHO SHOULD JOIN? Danish companies that offer products or solutions in areas that can be applied to the energy sector, for example energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and district heating. Furthermore, companies that can offer expertise to help upgrade the current ways of energy consumption in Ukraine to a more environmental-friendly approach.

Ejvind Vøgg

Ejvind Vøgg


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Lene Pryds Bach


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