Highlights from Taiwan election

Join this exciting webinar where we take a close look at Taiwan’s presidential election

The outcome of the election could have major political and economic consequences. Not just for Taiwan, but across the world. The Taiwanese government has pursued a confrontational line towards Mainland China during Tsai Ing-wen’s tenure. Will this change under the new leadership? What should the international business community expect in terms of Taiwan’s attraction as a trade and investment partner?

At the webinar, you get a quick overview of the immediate election winners and losers. We have also invited a panel of distinguished guests to discuss these key issues:

  • Beijing's reaction to election results
  • Washington's reaction to election results
  • EU's reaction to election results
  • Consequences for the geopolitical situation
  • Consequences for the global economy


    • 09:30 Welcome

      by Peter Bay Kirkegaard, Leading Senior Advisor, DI

    • 09:35 Setting the scene: Review of Taiwan's election


    • 09:50 Panel discussion: Reactions and outcome of election

      by Matias Otero Johansson, Political Scientist with a long relationship with China and Taiwan, Peter Bøgh Hansen, Political Director, DI China, and Sebastian Stryhn Kjeldtoft, Politiken's Asia Correspondent

    • 10:30 End of webinar