How to benefit from China’s innovation boom

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Even amid a global pandemic, China has stepped up its efforts to push innovation forward as a national priority. Government spending on research and development exceeds all other countries. Private seed funding and venture capital directed at technology companies is skyrocketing.

Danish companies are also eying the opportunities in China’s innovation ecosystem. Large-scale enterprises have already moved parts of their R&D system to a Chinese location. Partly to cater to local marked demands, partly to absorb new trends from local innovators. Most recently, promising scale-ups are starting to test China as an alternative to the allures of Silicon Valley.

In this webinar, you will learn more about Danish R&D experiences and opportunities. The nature of China’s innovation system can be complicated to understand and difficult to tap into, especially for foreign businesses. Our speakers will outline potential pathways as well as offer advice on how to benefit from local support measures.

    • 10:00 Welcome

      Peter B. Hansen, DI/Sense China

    • 10:05 Lessons learned from R&D in China

      Søren Dahl, Haldor Topsoe

    • 10:25 How can foreign companies get support for R&D in China?

      Cheng Xu, JITRI

    • 10:45 New e-platform for Danish-Chinese innovation projects

      Peter B. Hansen, DI/Sense China

    • 11:00 End of webinar