Navigating China's Political Business Environment

Get ready for a real deep-dive into how to manage business-government relations in China!

WHY JOIN? This MARKET INSIGHTS seminar puts a spotlight on public affairs in China. The Chinese government’s decisions have an impact on all aspects of doing business in China. As a foreign company, you are expected to know political trends and prove that you are part of China’s modernization. You will learn about China’s development agenda, how to engage with the right public stakeholders, and leverage digital channels to create a positive brand image

All Danish companies interested in public affairs and political developments in China.

Get ready for a real deep-dive into how to manage business-government relations in China! Sense China’s Market Insights is a program focused on giving real insights and actionable tools from top-level professionals and experts. Participants will be able to join the program online, while the speakers are gathered in one room to provide the best interactive experience.

Market Insights – Public Affairs is organized by Sense China, the Confederation of Danish Industry’s business entity in Shanghai.
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Participants get the opportunity to connect with mentors from a wide variety of backgrounds for 1-1 advice. Contact us to know more about pricing and available subsidy.



    • 09:00 Welcome

      Peter Bøgh Hansen, DI

    • 09:05 Understanding China's place in the world

      Frank Tsai, China Crossroads

    • 09:25 Re-defining Public Affairs in China

      Peter Yan, Consultant and China Strategist

    • 09:45 Planning strategically in China’s changing regulatory environment

      Carly Ramsey, Control Risks

    • 10:05 Coffee Break

    • 10:15 Panel discussion: Creating strategic partnerships with government in China

    • 10:45 Q&A session

    • 10:55 Information about China business support programs

      Peter Bøgh Hansen

    • 11:00 End of seminar


Peter Bøgh Hansen is Director of Sense China, the Confederation of Danish Industry's business unit in China. Peter has lived and worked in China for 16 years, and he has previously been the managing director of e-commerce portal EasyBizChina and public affairs agency ChinaCabinet.

Peter B. Hansen

Director - Sense China - DI


Peter Yan has worked 12 years in public affairs with AR Carton, Grundfos, Rockwool, USITO, Electrolux. Peter was the COO of the largest private energy portal in China for 5 years and worked 9 years with China’s Ministry of Commerce. Peter’s expertise includes policy analysis and advocacy, government affairs, and standards across a wide range of industries.

Peter Yan

Consultant and China Strategist


Carly Ramsey is Director at Control Risks and leads the political and regulatory risk consulting for Greater China and North Asia. She has a decade of experience in China advising multinationals how to engage the Chinese government and mitigate political and regulatory risk. Prior to Control Risks, Carly worked at APCO Worldwide, a leading public affairs consultancy, in Beijing.

Carly Ramsey

Director - Control Risks


Frank Tsai is the Founder and CEO of China Crossroads, Shanghai's largest platform for lectures by high-profile academics and business figures on "China and the world.” He is also Visiting Lecturer on China’s economy and politics at Emlyon Business School and ESSCA School of Management. Frank previously worked at the Economist Intelligence Unit and Control Risks and was Lecturer at Renmin University in Beijing.

Frank Tsai

Founder and CEO - China Crossroads