New City Development in Egypt – Danish & Egyptian collaboration on Energy Efficiency and District Cooling

Get direct access and insights about necessary and energy efficient district cooling technologies from Danish companies.

Closer Danish & Egyptian Energy Collaboration on District Cooling
Egypt’s government is developing 20 new fourth-generation cities, which are all required to adopt district cooling systems to supply the most energy-efficient cooling possible. The developments will require a variety of smart solutions including pioneering district energy technologies.

Danish companies are recognized globally as experts within district energy system both heating and cooling. This webinar is part of a larger initiative to strengthen the dialogue and collaboration between Denmark and Egypt on energy efficiency and district cooling. Therefore, a group of pioneering district energy companies from Denmark has been assembled to present their knowledge and expertise within district cooling starting with the planning and design phase and ending with the building connection.

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In this webinar Ramboll will present the designing of energy-efficient district cooling systems, then Aalborg CSP will present how to utilize solar energy in district cooling with integrated heat pumps and thermal storage. Subsequently Logstor, ABB and Frese follow within the distribution system to elaborate on automation and control, the durability of pipe systems and flow control to optimize the system and ultimately the energy efficiency. Lastly, when district cooling reaches the building, Kamstrup and Danfoss will illustrate the importance of sub-meters for surveillance and energy efficiency through building connections.

Collectively this webinar will clarify the opportunities for Danish companies in Egypt while focusing on intensifying the dialogue between Denmark and Egypt on energy developments and collaboration.

    • 11:00 Welcome

      Jens Holst-Nielsen, Director, DI, Global Market Development

    • 11:05 Setting the Scene towards stronger Danish & Egyptian Energy Collaboration

      Danish Ambassador in Egypt, Svend Olling

    • 11:10 District Cooling Developments in Egypt

      New cities mega project, by Dr. Bassem Fahmy, consultant to the Egyptian Government and District Cooling and Energy Codes, by Dr. Ahmed Medhat, Head of Technical Committee of HRBC

    • 11:30 Planning & Designing District Cooling

      Designing Energy Efficient District Cooling Systems, presented by Ramboll by Jens O. Hansen, Business Development Director, District Energy

    • 11:35 District Cooling Production

      Utilizing solar energy for district cooling – integrated energy plants with heat pumps and thermal storage, presented by Aalborg CSP by Hammam Soliman, Senior Sales and R&D Engineer at Aalborg CSP

    • 11:40 Distribution of District Cooling

    • 11:55 Building Connections

      Smart and energy efficient building connections and integration, presented by Danfoss by Ismail Serhan Ozten, Business Development & Technical Support Director, TMA, in Danfoss Climate Solutions Segment

    • 12:05 Q&A

    • 12:20 End of Meeting