Renovation Wave – Energy Efficiency First

The EU Commission launched the Renovation Wave on 14 October aiming at greening our buildings, creating jobs and improving lives. Join us for the webinar on 9 November at 13:45 – 15:00

Europe’s building stock comprises of more the 220 million building units of which 85% were built before 2001. Unfortunately, most of the existing buildings are not energy efficient. Overall buildings are responsible for about 40% of the EU’s total energy consumption, and for 36% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emission coming from energy.

Therefore, the Confederation of Danish Industry is looking forward to knowing how the EU Commission imagines we can reduce the building stock CO2 emission, ensure better in-door climate and create jobs in the aftermath of COVID-19.


13:45 Director of Climate Anne Höjer Simonsen, DI

14:00 Head of unit C4, DG ENER Stefan Moser, EU Commission

14:30 Secretary General Adrian Joyce, Renovate Europe

14:45 Sum-up Anne Höjer Simonsen

During the event we will keep the chat open and leave time for a couple of questions to our speakers.