Russian E-commerce

Have you considered entering the Russian market? As one of the BRIC countries and with a capital 2½ hours flight from Copenhagen, Russia is within an arms length.

The Russian consumer has great demand for Danish products and the e-trade is increasing. Moscow and St. Petersburg are both large metros BUT a significant part of the Russian consumer is situated in the Tier 2 and 3 cities - cities that easily reaches millions in population. These are highly dependent on online business and services.

So, if you already have a setup in Russia or are considering exporting in directly from Denmark then tune in on our webinar on Russian e-commerce Thursday 8 October from 10.00-12.00.

Here you will here from experts with Russian e-commerce. You will hear from e-commerce platforms similar to our Amazon, Zalando and price runner, logistical companies and business cases from Lego and Ecco that has hands on experience with doing e-business in Russia.


10.00-10.05   Welcome and Intro by Mr. Ejvind Vøgg (5 min)

10.05-10.20   Company BNE Intellinews, Mr. Ben Aris (15 min)

  • Russian online savy
  • What drives the Russian demand
  • Challenges in the Russian e-trade

 10.20-10.35   Yandex, Mr. Manfred Schlosser, Head of Sales and Partnerships Europe (15 min)

  • Yandex is Russia’s largest e- platform and most popular search engine
  • Yandex is your gateway to Russia

10.35-10.50   Wildberries, Mr. Nikita Maslov, GR Project Manager (15 min) 

  • B2C from Denmakrk to Russia
  • Similar to Amazon and Zalando
  • Represents LEGO and Pandora

10.50-11.05   ICT Logistics A/S. Mr. Leif Midtgaard Pedersen, CEO (15 min)

  •  BTC from Denmark to Russia
  • Delivery to remote locations – time estimates
  • What/who are the typical consumers and products                

11.05-11.20   Business case. LEGO. Ms. Daniela Cavinatto, Vice President Russia/CIS (15 min)

  • History and development in the market
  • Recent trends in consumer behavior
  • Pros and cons in the market                                              

11.20-11.35   Business case. ECCO. Mr Marco Bossen, CFO Russia (15 min)

  • History and development in the market
  • Recent trends in consumer behavior
  • Pros and cons in the market

11:35 – 11.40  Danish Commercial Industries Federations (DCIF), Head of Digital Business, Mr. Tevin Lac (5 min)

  • Wrap up and input to SME doing export via online marketplaces

11.40-12.00   Q&A

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Ejvind Vøgg

Ejvind Vøgg

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Charlotte Blomqvist