Scaling Your Startup to International Markets: A Deep Dive Into the U.S. Market

High-growth startups and internalization go hand-in-hand and on May 31, we invite you to join us as we invite in experts and startups, to share their knowledge and help map out the path on how you can take your business to the US. What market entry strategy options are open to you? What are the cluster hot spots for your business in the US and how can the internationalization journey be financed?

According to the OECD, startups see a growth rate of 20 percent per year in their first 3 years. Internationalization of businesses is a challenge for all economies and there are certain risks, strategies, and data that need to be studied. It is key for startups to internationalize and in fact many do. More than 50 percent of startups internationalize within the first year, and in the EU more than 86 percent internationalize in the first 3 years. According to the Startup Heatmap Europe Report 2021, approximately 31 percent of startups consider the U.S. as their most important target market – and that is with good reason.

The US is Denmark’s largest export market, and with 300 million consumers the world’s largest consumer market. This ‘high-potential high-complexity’ market can be difficult to navigate, but during this afternoon session, we will dive into opportunities and challenges, to ensure that you can unlock your company’s full potential on the U.S. market.

There’s not one simple recipe for bringing your startup to new markets, but one thing is sure: High-growth startups and internalization go hand-in-hand and internationalization should be considered from the beginning of your startup journey if you’re planning to scale the business.

14.00 Introduction to the U.S. market, Mille Munksgaard, DI USA
14.20 Scaling in the US, Alexander Langhede Andersen, CEO and CO-Founder, Goods
14.40 Financing the internationalization journey, Jeppe Falck, DI International Business Development
14.50 Q&A

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