Explore China's Sustainable Logistics

Enters the era of electric and autonomous logistics in China


This seminar puts a spotlight on sustainable and green logistics in China. China has set a climate target to ensure emissions will peak by 2030 and towards carbon neutrality in 2060. The climate goals calls for ambitious climate roadmaps within both energy, urban planning, environment and not least: logistics and transportation.

The logistics industry is a major energy consumer in China. It is in the process of a critical shift to green and sustainability. Companies and researchers in China are developing and searching new technologies in this field.

Join us in this webinar session to get to learn more about sustainable and green logistics in China. You will learn about overall sustainable logistics landscape, latest technology trends such as electric and autonomous freight. Expand your understanding to see how you can be part of this green transition process in the Chinese market.


All Danish companies interested in sustainable logistics and transportation industry in China.


Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) Shanghai and DI organize the event.
ICDK Shanghai supports Danish companies and higher education institutions in exploring opportunities to expand or establish activities in China. You can read more here About ICDK Shanghai