Market Opportunities in Australia: Sustainable Mining

Learn about the market opportunities in and the green transition of the Australian mining sector, while Haldor Topsøe shares lessons learned on doing business in the country Down Under

In this webinar, you will get the latest insights into the Australian mining sector provided by the Danish Trade Council in Australia. A recent industry analysis of the Australian mining sector will provide the foundation for the webinar, while you get insights from Haldor Topsøe on doing business in Australia. Eventually, you can get answers on questions related to the Australian market.

The webinar can be watched live or as a recorded version on demand after the webinar. The latter can be shared amongst your colleagues.

Webinar agenda

  • Introduction and moderation by Jens Holst Nielsen, Director, Global Market Development at the Confederation of Danish Industry
  • Presentation of the market opportunities related to the green transition of the mining industry by Carsten Rosendahl, Consul General & Trade Commissioner at The Trade Council of Denmark in Australia and Oceania
  • Lessons learned on doing business in Australia: The case of Haldor Topsøe in Western Australia presented by James Bernard Rosenfeldt, Country Manager, Oceania, Project Sales
  • Q&A Session

The Trade Council of Denmark in Australia and Oceania

The Trade Council is promoting Danish core competencies, products and services in Australia & New Zealand to help Danish Exports. This means developing market entry plans and contributing operationally to sales execution on all levels. From influencing on political level to technical direct sales on behalf of Danish companies to the regions target endusers.

Carsten Rosendahl

Consul General And Trade Commissioner

Haldor Topsøe in Australia

Haldor Topsoe is a leading company globally within carbon emission reduction technologies for the chemical and refining industries. More specifically, the company produces clean transportation fuels such as ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen that are perceived to have a key role in the green future of transportation fuels. In 2019, Haldor Topsoe won a 2.7 billion USD contract with Perdaman Chemicals and Fertilisers. The contract means that Haldor Topsoe will deliver its Syncor ammonia solution to Perdaman’s ammonia/urea plant in Karratha, Western Australia.

James Bernard Rosenfeldt

Country Manager, Oceania, Project Sales

The Australian Mining Industry 

The mining industry has been a key financial driver in Australia over the last decade. Australia’s mining boom was largely driven by unprecedented demand for mining commodities such as steel and iron from developing countries such as China and India that industrialized rapidly over the last decade. Today, Australia has mining activity in all of its states and territories. In recent years, the Australian minerals industry has accounted directly for up to 8% of the nation’s GDP (significantly more when account is taken of related activity), upwards of 20 per cent of business investment and around 50 per cent of national exports.

In general, the industry has been changing from an investment phase to an output phase where mining operators are looking for product optimization and smart solutions to enhance productivity and where maintenance of existing facilities is now the focus. Lately, sustainability has been playing a more substantial role in the industry, which provides new market opportunities for Danish companies within the sub-sector of sustainable mining.