Connecting Nordic Experiences of Sustainable Coastal management to West African Countries' challenges

Discover how to join and position your expertise and solution to West African coastal countries’ challenges of sustainable coastal management.

Climate-related and man-made pressures accelerate a wide range of challenges to West African coastal ecosystems and the communities who depend on them. An effective response to improve coastal resilience demand a portfolio of varied solutions and approaches. Many exist in the Nordic countries and their rich ecosystem of companies and organizations with deep expertise and decades of experiences on sustainable and inclusive coastal and ocean management.

In this Nordic stakeholder session, the team of the World Bank’s West Africa Coastal Area Management Program (WACA) will present the program’s activities and share avenues for Nordic contributions to the WACA platform, ResIP, and related projects.

The session is part of the WACA Nordic Hub – a collective effort to position the Nordic water sector as reliable partner to West Africa’s pursuit addressing the stressors on the natural ecosystems and assets along the coast. The WACA Nordic Hub has been initiated by DI, Niras, Leapfrog Projects, DHI and Quercus Group.