Registering as a Vendor and Using the UN Global Marketplace

This webinar will provide your company with a solid understanding of the UN Global Marketplace. It will introduce new vendors to the UNGM platform and will provide information on how your company register as a potential supplier to the UN.

This webinar is the second out of three informative webinars leading up to the Virtual Nordic UN Procurement Seminar 2021, which will take place the 25th and 26th of January. This webinar series will provide your company with a solid introduction to the UN Procurement System, and give the best outset for making the most out of your participation in the Seminar. The first webinar presented the United Nations Procurement Market and introduced the current procurement needs of the UN. You can watch the webinar here.

In this second webinar, we will present an overview of the UN Global Marketplace (UNGM) – the official procurement portal of the United Nations. We will introduce new vendors to the UNGM portal, provide a guide for the registration process, and give an overview of the different business intelligence tools made available on the platform. Your company will acquire valuable insights on how to explore procurement opportunities with the many UN organizations and will bring your company one step closer to doing business with the UN.


15:00 Welcome
Presentation of the Webinar series by Confederation of Danish Industry.

15:05 Introduction to the Nordic UN Procurement Seminar 2021
Presentation of the Virtual UN Nordic Procurement Seminar 2021 by Nordic UNPS team, Consulate General of Denmark.

15:10 Introduction to the UN Global Marketplace by UNOPS
Presentation of the UN Global Marketplace – the official procurement portal of the United Nations System.

15:20 Registration of new vendors by UNOPS
Presentation of how to register as a new vendor on UN Global Marketplace.

15:35 ASR and business intelligence by UNOPS
Presentation of ASR and business intelligence tools available on UN Marketplace and how to make the most out of them.

15:45 Q&A with UNOPS and Nordic UNPS team


Ms Felicia Numhauser is a procurement analyst at UNOPS based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She works with the Procurement Groups Innovation and Improvement team providing procurement data and analytics to the wider organization and beyond. Felicia is also the project manager for the Annual Statistical Report on United Nations Procurement, and has been involved in the preparation and development of the report since 2014 when she joined the organization.

Ms. Felicia Numhauser

Procurement Analyst, Procurement Group, UNOPS


Ms Diane Valentin is a programme analyst at the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Diane has more than six years of experience working for the United Nations in the context of procurement. Since she joined the UN, Diane has helped to develop the UNGM portal. She has managed multiple digital projects aiming at simplifying the access of potential suppliers to the UN market. Diane is also the focal point for the UNGM's Trade Promotion Portal supporting trade partners' efforts to promote UN procurement opportunities.

Ms. Diane Valentin

Programme Analyst, United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM)