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Webinar: China’s Great Digital Mall

The seminar puts a spotlight on the concept of New Retail in China

Dive into a world where everybody is empowered by consumer-driven solutions. Learn how the customer experience is being revolutionized by China’s two pillars of digital retail architecture: social commerce and omni-channels. You will understand how China is disrupting the traditional retail model, and how you can leverage your products to meet local demand.

Agenda (CET)

Speaker Bios


Barry Colman

Regional Managing Director, APAC Doremus

Barry Colman is an award-winning ad executive. He has collaborated with many of China’s biggest brands and celebrities. Today, he leads the Asia operations for Doremus, a leading advertising and communications agency that delivers strategic, creative and digital solutions for international companies in China.


Jacob Johansen

Founder, Radical User Centricity

Jacob Johansen is a leading international expert on the concept of New Retail. Jacob facilitates transformation of innovation for companies across the globe, and he has been involved in the global transformation of IKEA and helped them change from being a traditional retailer to a modern, interactive company that engages its users.


Peter Bøgh Hansen

Director, Sense China

Peter Bøgh Hansen is Director of Sense China, the Confederation of Danish Industry's business unit in China. Peter has lived and worked in China for 16 years, and he has previously been the managing director of e-commerce portal EasyBizChina and public affairs agency ChinaCabinet.


Jesper Herold Halle

Commercial Consul, Royal Danish Consulate General Shanghai

Jesper Halle has extensive knowledge in retail, franchise and distribution within B2B and B2C. Jesper is the Head of E-commerce and Design at the Danish Trade Council in China.  He also has many years of experience from executive positions in Danish companies with business in China, India, and Asia Pacific.


Nishtha Mehta

Corporate Innovation Coach, CollabCentral

Nishtha Mehta is a lean innovation coach, trainer and executive change facilitator. She has worked with China, India and Asia for more than 17 years. Nishtha delivers collaborative leadership and digital innovation capabilities for corporate workplaces with the purpose to manage uncertainties and co-create new business/service model innovation and intrapreneur culture.


Olivia Plotnick

Founder, Wai Social

Olivia Plotnick is a social media enthusiast with a strong passion in how brands connect with audiences on today’s most powerful digital platforms, especially in China. Olivia has helped brands of various sizes from numerous industries develop and execute successful social media marketing, specializing in WeChat. Olivia founded Wai Social in 2019, a boutique social media marketing agency.


Bryce Whitwam

Bryce Whitwam, Adjunct Instructor of Marketing at NYU Shanghai

Bryce Whitwam is a 25-year veteran of marketing communications and is one of Asia’s pioneers in non-traditional advertising. Fluent in Mandarin, Bryce’s China career has included senior positions at Ogilvy, Lowe, Nielsen, and MRM//McCann China. He is currently Adjunct Instructor of Marketing at NYU Shanghai. 


Celine Ong

General Manager, Elitz Marketing Consultancy/Rimagine

Celine Ong has more than 23 years of experience working for FMCG brands, media companies, internationally renowned asset management firms in the consumer-centric industry. Celine is a seasoned omni-channel media and marketing expert with an international perspective. Her expertise includes how to leverage digital channels to drive brand exposure in the Chinese market.


Charlene Ree

CEO, EternityX

Charlene Ree has two decades of experience in digital advertising. Charlene is an established digital trailblazer and a growth-centric serial entrepreneur. She is currently the founder and chief executive officer of EternityX Marketing Technology Limited, China’s acclaimed AI marketing technology platform empowering global brands to connect and convert Chinese consumers.

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