MARKETS IN THE SHADOW OF COVID-19; Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia

WEBINAR: A status of the current political and economic situation provided by the Danish Ambassadors to Indonesia, Phillippines and Malaysia

The COVID-19 outbreak is jolting markets, disrupting supply chains and is causing significant uncertainty for businesses and decision makers around the world.

The Confederation of Danish Industry is organizing a row of webinars where our member companies can get updated from the foreign Ambassadors in Denmark OR the Danish Ambassadors on current market situations, business outlook and what lies behind the shadow of COVID-19.

This webinar offers you insights to the current situation in Indonesia, Malaysia  and The Philippines by the Danish ambassadors. More than 400 million people live here.


9:00    Welcome: Jens Holst-Nielsen, Market Director
            The Confederation of Danish Industry

9:05    Therese Hermann, Head of Trade and Sørens Bindesbøll, Chargé d’Affaires, Danish Embassy to Indonesia
             Presentation and Q&A

9:35    Break

9:45   H.E. Grete Sillasen, Danish Ambassador to The Philippines.
            Presentation and Q&A

10:15   Break

10.30   H.E. Jesper Vahr Danish Ambassador to Malaysia.
              Presentation and Q&A

11:00  Webinar concludes

Ole Linnet Juul

Ole Linnet Juul


Charlotte Blomqvist

Charlotte Blomqvist