Overview of AB 18

AB 18 terms are extensively used when entering into agreements for construction tasks. Therefore, it is important to understand the terms contained in these general conditions.



This course is for you who want a brief and clear insight into the general conditions of AB 18. You will learn about the structure of AB 18, the key changes compared to AB 92 and the new initiatives in AB 18.

You will gain:

  • An overview of the structure and content of AB 18, enabling you to navigate the terms more effectively when making agreements.
  • Increased awareness of the rights and obligations of the client and the contractor towards each other.
  • A review of the key areas in AB 18, including requirements for design reviews, updating schedules and procedures for change orders.
  • Insight into the rules regarding conflict resolution, aiming to assist you in resolving disputes more easily and quickly if they arise.

Target audience:
Anyone involved in construction projects.

Louise Heger Nielsen

Louise Heger Nielsen

Chefkonsulent, advokat

Celia Guldhammer

Celia Guldhammer