Den 1. september 2021 er DI Byg og DI Dansk Byggeri blevet lagt sammen til branchefællesskabet DI Byggeri. Det betyder, at vi er gået i gang med at bygge om på hjemmesiden. Indtil vi er færdige, kan du opleve, at visse dele af hjemmesiden ikke ser helt rigtige ud. Oplever du problemer eller har spørgsmål, er du velkommen til at kontakte os.


Statutory training course for health and safety coordinators

Get equipped to work as the client's working environment representative in the project design and execution phases of construction projects. In addition to this, you will learn how the coordinator can better the working environment on the construction site.

Dette kursus er den engelske udgave af kurset: "Den lovpligtige arbejdsmiljøuddannelse for koordinatorer".

Expected learning outcomes

The course meets the requirements of legal demands to construction clients, both in the design phase and during construction. It will enable the participants to manage health and safety work in relation to building and construction in both phases.

The course offers inspiration and discussion on ways and means of managing health and safety systematically and efficiently, both in planning and execution.


The course contains the following subjects:

  • Risk assessment
  • Work environment and analysis
  • Delimitation of responsibilities and coordination of contractors
  • Health and safety plan
  • Health and safety organisation
  • Safety inspection rounds
  • Prevention of health hazards and accident risks
  • New methods of on-site cooperation

Target group

Clients and their representatives, architects, contract managers and other persons who represent the client's health and safety obligations during project design and execution in building and construction projects.

Erik Vestergård

Erik Vestergård


Course responsible

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Bettina Ougaard

Bettina Ougaard


Administratively responsible

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