DI Digital

Get access to networks, influence and a world of knowledge

DI Digital is the Danish ICT and Electronics Federation, under the Confederation of Danish Industry. We represent companies in the IT, electronics, communications and telco industries - from dynamic entrepreneurs to leading global companies.

DI Digital offers our members a wide range of advantages. All members have access to receive legal advice to company matters, such as employment law, work environment and salary. Furthermore, DI Digital hosts networks and events, where members have the unique opportunity to discuss and spare with like-minded peers within their industry. DI Digital offer our members direct access to consultants from our international offices, who can assist companies with knowledge, legal advice and strategy for market entrance in markets such as China, USA, India, Russia and etc.

Our vision:

DI Digital's vision is to increase the wealth and prosperity of Denmark through ambitious utilization of digital opportunities, and we speak on behalf of our more than 700 members.

To do so, DI Digital has set a mission to:

  • Pave the way for digital transformation and development opportunities that will benefit the society

  • Inspire the industry with innovative knowledge and perspectives on digital opportunities in and outside the sectors

  • Create a network between companies that wish to exploit the digital opportunities

  • Ensure a safe, and well-oiled framework for digital companies

Contact us:

Do you have questions about our work or just want to know more about DI Digital? Please feel free to contact us.

E-mail: Digital@DI.DK
Telephone: 33773377