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Network for Digital starups

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The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) facilitates an exclusive Network for Digital Startups, wherein the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience between innovative digital startups is nurtured.

The network forms an arena in which startups and experts in particular fields of interest work together to solve challenges regarding issues such as funding, growth, globalization, staffing and regulatory concerns.
Our objective is that this will allow the participating startups to spend less time overcoming hurdles and more time on what they care about - developing their innovative product and growing their startup.

  1. Making it easier to be a digital startup in Denmark

  2. Facilitating the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience between digital startups

  3. Providing startups with a forum to engage with experts and corporates on relevant topics

  4. Be part of forming DI’s policies on digital entrepreneurship

Upcoming and past meetings
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  • March 1st 2018

    Key Metrics for Startups

    How to navigate your digital startup to success!

    See event
  • June 12th 2018

    From Startup to Employer

    See event
  • August 28th 2018

    Founder expectations and investmenst

    See event

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