Copenhagen CyberCrime Conference 2022

On the 8th september, Copenhagen CyberCrime Conference will take place for the 10th time - this year in a hybrid format.

In today's digital age, businesses and organizations have become fundamentally reliant on technology and the Internet and thus more vulnerable to various types of cyberattacks, threats and risks. Resilience has never been more important.

Market and technology trends, societal evolution, competitive dynamics, business model transformation, collaborative ecosystems; these are all drivers that strongly suggest the challenge will only get steeper. In fact, threat actors are finding new and innovative ways of gaining access to data, which results in cyber security incidents being more damaging and disruptive.

As we continue to witness cyber incidents affecting companies of all sizes and across all sectors, the Incident Response and Resilience topic is not only important and relevant, it is a necessary one.

At this year’s conference, you can look forward to presentations and debates looking at Incident Response and Resilience from a variety of different angles, providing insight into real-life cases and how these were handled. Join us to learn and share. Join us to help make a difference. Join us to be a part of a common aim to drive improvements in cybersecurity, which undoubtedly continues to be one of the world’s most significant and disruptive challenges we all face.

Key note speakers include:

Christian Venderby, Vestas

Frederik Stengaard Mehlsen, Fellowmind

Marko Jung, The LEGO Group

Staffan Truvé, Recorded Future