AI & Robotics Test Facilities Launch Event

Joint launch event of the four European artificial intelligence TEF's (Testing Experimental Facilities) for Health, Agrifood, Manufacturing and Smart Cities & Communities.

Digital technologies play an increasingly large role in all aspects of our lives, from production lines and supply chains to the hands and lives of every citizen. Artificial intelligence (AI), robots, drones, adaptive software and data have already entered nearly all parts of society. To ensure that these technologies is put to good use in alignment with societal goals – be it safety, welfare, sustainability, inclusion or the economy – there is a growing need to test and ensure that they behave in a responsible and trustworthy manner, while the providers can thrive in serving this growing market. The European AI and robotics Testing and Experimental Facilities (TEFs) are an initiative to build a permanent capacity to test and approve these new technologies before they hit the streets. Right now the TEFs are divided into four domains, each covering distinct areas: Agriculture and food, manufacturing, healthcare and finally cities and communities.

- The agrifoodTEF deals with the agricultural sector and food production. This could be everything from testing a robotic tractor to AI in crop rotation software.

- The TEF-Health deals with the healthcare sector, from next generation artificial hearts to the use of machine learning in medical imaging and diagnostics for example.

- The AI-Matters TEF will test technology within manufacturing, from robots in plastic moulding to drones in industrial warehouses.

- The CitCom.ai TEF is a bit different. With an initial focus on power, mobility and connectivity, it’s job is to test AI and robotics before they get into places where humans live and move around. This could be self driving cars but it could also be telecommunications data retrieval software. Or the robotic tractor being used in a municipal park. CitCom.ai works as a sort of cross-domain filter between technologies, infrastructures and citizens where they live.

TEFs are specialised large-scale reference sites open to all European technology providers to test state-of-the art AI solutions including both soft-and hardware products and services, e.g. robotics, in real-world environments.

Target group

  1. Companies, who see a commercial advantage in working responsibly with future AI solutions. 
  2. Smart Cities and Communities representatives, looking for confirmation that future AI solutions can be applied responsibly.
  3. Politicians, decision makers and key opinion leaders active in the debate on future AI solutions in the EU. 


    • 08:30 Registration and breakfast

    • 09:00 High-level launch ceremony

    • 10:15 Break

    • 10:45 Presentation of 1-3 cases from each of the four TEFs

    • 12:00 Lunch and Exhibition

    • 13:00 Site visit

    • 17:00 Drinks, snacks and network at Copenhagen City Hall