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Internship week in Denmark

Every year in the fall, the internship week allows students to get to know a workplace and a type of business. This year the target of the internship week was to show how companies can help achieve the SDGs

This week, students in Danish secondary schools have participated in the annual internship week. The internship week allows students to get to know a workplace and see if it suits them.

The internship week serves a purpose within education. For many of the students, it constitutes their first meeting with worklife, and what they experience is likely to affect their choices of further education once they graduate from secondary school and beyond.

The internship week is therefore an important tool for any type of business, in communicating the importance of their work and place in society. This is crucial for any organization that wants to be certain that their name is highly regarded among the candidates of the future.

One of the businesses that welcomed students this week was Microsoft. This year, the subject of the week was how a company can help achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs). The interns also met several of Microsofts employees from different fields, such as Development, Design, Sales & Marketing. 

Therefore, the internship week is a great tool for businesses to show prospective employees that their industry is a vital part of the future.

Daniel Biisgaard Rasmussen
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Daniel Biisgaard Rasmussen

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