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District Energy Workshops

District energy is climate friendly and a strong factor in promoting energy efficiency and reducing waste of energy. District heating enables the integration of increased shares of renewables into the system and it enables flexible and intelligent solutions at customer level.

District energy is being promoted through the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and expanding in the traditional European markets – but only slowly. Wherever district energy grows, Danish suppliers are present making their mark. And Danish authorities are playing their strong part in promoting this collective and efficient energy conveyor system.

The District Energy Workshops are moderated by Lars Hummelmose, DBDH

District Energy in Established Markets: Germany & Poland

Market workshops #1 from 11.00-12.00

Germany is an experienced market for district energy with strong local customers in the form of local Stadtwerke. The Danish Energy Agency, DBDH and the embassy has built a strong collaboration with selected German Länder, e.g. Baden-Württemberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen and Hamburg as well as at the federal level – and more partnerships are following. In Poland, district heating is present in all cities as the efficient, modern and green alternative to single-house solutions.


Market opportunities by Jens Ole Hansen, Ramboll 
How to do DH business in Germany? Do’s and Don’ts? by Bjarne Stræde, Portfolio Manager fra Danfoss 
Energy Advisor Christian Bjerrum Jørgensen, Danish Embassy in Berlin
Market outlook: Danish Energy Agency & DBDH


Market opportunities by Martin Petersen, Sales Director, ABB
How to do DH business in Poland - Do’s and Don’ts by Andrzej Rokosz, VP Sales, Logstor
Market outlook: DBDH & Danish Embassy

District Energy in New Markets: UK & the Netherlands

Market workshop #2 from 13.30-14.30

In both the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, district heating is still only marginally applied, covering less than 5% of households. However, in both countries there is a political will to promote the opportunities further, and investment plans to follow up.

Danish embassies in both countries work to bring Danish experience and suppliers into play, further enhancing the momentum of these solutions.


Market opportunities by Christian Schrøder, Logstor
How to do DH business in UK - Do's and Don'ts by Country Manager UK Søren Hebsgaard Knudsen, Kamstrup
Sector Lead Energy and Environment Rasmus Leth Traberg, Danish Embassy in London
Market outlook: Danish Energy Agency & DBDH


Market opportunities: Chief Project and Market Manager, Thomas Østergaard, COWI
How to do DH business in NL? Do's and Don'ts
Energy Coordinator Mikkel Vibæk Jensen, Danish Embassy in the Hague 
Market outlook: Danish Energy Agency & DBDH

District Energy - New developments: North America & Gulf Region

Market workshop #3 from 15.00-16.00

In the US, an effort is taking place to promote the Danish experience in district energy to cities, planners as well as large building owners such as universities and the army.

In the Gulf region, district cooling has an impressive potential in bringing up efficiency and down the costs of cooling. More Danish suppliers are looking seriously at the market opportunities, with the help of the Trade Council and business associations.

North America

In North America, there are large district energy investments taking place at the universities. Many campuses are converting their steam systems to hot water systems and here many Danish companies have a unique opportunity to get a foothold on the North American district energy market.

Several Danish organizations are involved in promoting the Danish knowhow and technologies in district energy to cities, planners as well as large building owners such as universities and the army

  • Market opportunities by Niels Vilstrup from the Danish Embassy in Washingthon
  • How to do DH business in NA - Do´s and Don'ts by Jens Ole Hansen, Ramboll
  • Market outlook: Danish Embassy & DBDH

Gulf Region

The Gulf region is the largest investor in district cooling in the world. This is lead by the UAE and followed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The energy prices are rising in the Gulf region due to less support to use of oil. This has lead to more focus on more energy efficient district cooling systems and this opens up for further Danish business in the Gulf region. Several Danish companies have already had good sales in the Gulf region.

Several Danish organizations are active in the Guld region.

  • Market opportunities by Business Development Manager Leif Jacobsen, Danfoss
  • How to do DH business in the Gulf - Do's and Dont's by Business Development Manager Søren Wandy Pedersen, Frese
  • Market outlook: Danish Embassy & DBDH

The above workshop themes are confirmed. The actual presenters at the workshops are not yet fully confirmed. Changes may occur.

For all workshops, resource persons will be available to share their knowledge, representing:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Trade Council
  • Danish Energy Agency
  • DBDH
  • Confederation of Danish Industry