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Energy Efficiency Workshops

The cheapest and greenest energy is the energy that you don’t use. Energy efficiency is often termed the “first fuel” because before thinking of your energy supply, you should minimize your energy needs. Investments in energy efficiency are growing fast worldwide, and Danish suppliers of energy efficient machinery, equipment, building materials, controls and systems are contribute with their technologies and solutions.

Recently, the work of Danish “climate partnerships” has documented that Danish enterprises and products can deliver their part in Denmark reaching the goal of 70% CO2 reductions in 2030. However, the positive climate impact of Danish energy saving technologies and practices is much larger when also applied beyond Denmark. Danish exports of EE solutions must expand even further to deliver on this potential. A new focus and new initiatives are taking shape in this regard.

The sessions are moderated by the Danish Energy Industries Federation (DI Energy).

ENERGY EFFICIENCY in the United States

Market workshop #1 from 11.00-12.00

Increasing energy efficiency in the US across industry processes and in building stocks have enormous untapped economic potential and climate change mitigation impact. There is no doubt that Denmark represents a rich ecosystem of applicable solutions, but how can Danish companies make the most of this business opportunity? This workshop session will look at the drivers, the demand and how to adjust to a post-covid-19 reality.

The Danish Consulate General in California leads a new and focused industry initiative on energy-, water- and process optimization in industry - seeking to pave the way for market entry for Danish expertise and competencies. Focus in this first phase of the project is particularly on the food and beverage industry, e.g. dairies and breweries where energy audits carried out by the Danish Energy Agency and the California Energy Commission have identified large energy savings projects with paybacks of around two years.

EE in buildings is gaining momentum with important Danish contributions in planning, architecture, building materials, equipment and controls. A formal collaboration has formed in New York centered around city collaboration with Copenhagen and Danish companies anchored in the Danish Cleantech Hub. Learn of city plans and concrete initiatives to boost EE in buildings. Also, California has just launched a design-build competition to promote sustainable, low carbon and energy efficient development in affordable, social housing. Danish companies have an opportunity to access the 48 million USD competition grant. Learn about these and other opportunities within EE in the US.


  • Welcome and overview by Senior Advisor Hans Peter Slente, DI Energy
  • Energy efficiency in North America at a glance – with focus on California by Jacob Skaarup, Consul General of Denmark in Chicago 
  • Energy efficiency in buildings: New export opportunities by Project Manager and Advisor Mille Munksgaard, DI New York
  • Lessons learned: Establishment on the U.S. market by CEO Erik Boyter, WindowMaster International A/S
  • Lessons learned: Promoting EE in industry by Sales and Export Director Ulrik Folkmann, Stjernholm A/S
  • Dialogue: Expectation for EE in the U.S. in coming years

The workshop will be moderated by Head of Sustainable Business Erik Johnson, DI

ENERGY EFFICIENCY in Germany: Industry & Buildings

Market workshop #2 from 13.30-14.30

German industry is increasingly investing in energy efficiency, resource saving and green transition. Government is providing incentives and a political pressure for this and industry has established strong networks to develop and share best practices. Danish firms have much to offer to German industry and the Danish Trade Council is establishing a special initiative, Sustainable Industry Advisory, to support exports in this field.

German cities are making strong efforts to increase their energy efficiency – in buildings and elsewhere. Denmark is partnering up with this effort, for instance through the initiative Access Cities linking several Danish and German cities sharing their experience in EE and including Danish firms in the dialogue. The initiative in Germany is anchored in the Danish Cleantech Hub in Munich.


  • Managing Director Christian Noll, German Energy Efficiency Association (DENEFF)
  • Team Leader Jan Larsen, Danish Consulate General in Hamburg
  • Project Director Robert Perz, DI Germany (Danish Cleantech Hub in Munich)
  • Dialogue: Ways to engage further in German EE

Moderator: Senior Advisor Hans Peter Slente, DI Energy


Market workshop #3 from 15.00-16.00

The renovation rate across EU needs to be at least doubled

The EU building sector is the largest single energy consumer in Europe responsible for approximately 40 % of EU energy consumption. The biggest challenge to achieve EU’s climate neutrality by 2050 is renovation of the existing building stock, where 75 % of buildings are inefficient. Today the average annual renovation rate of the building stock is 1 % across the EU. This rate needs to double in order to reach EU’s EE, RE and climate targets.

Renovation Wave Initiative aims to bring modernisation of the building stock

The Renovation Wave initiative is a priority under the European Green Deal and the recovery plan for the EU, aimed at increasing the rate and quality of renovation of existing buildings and thereby help decarbonise the building stock.

The Renovation Wave initiative has been in public hearing and the Commission plans to publish a strategic action plan on the initiative for the years to come. This will cover concrete legislation and a range of other measures, enabling tools and financing. It will take into account different levels of action at EU, national and local or regional level, to make faster and deeper renovation.

Market opportunities across EU member states

This EU initiative focus on decarbonising the building stock – creating new market opportunities in all EU-member states for companies that offer energy efficiency solutions for the entire built environment.


This workshop will give you further knowledge on:

  • The EU Renovation Wave initiative, by climate and energy advisor Helle Redder Momsen, Danish EU representation in Brussels
  • How Rockwool works with the EU EE initiatives and predicts the future market opportunities with the upcoming Renovation Wave by Vice President Claus Bugge Garn, Rockwool
  • Overview of initiatives driving the market opportunities for energy efficiency in the built environment in the Netherlands, by energy advisor Mikkel Vibæk Jensen, Danish Embassy in the Hague
  • Interactive Q&A session

Moderator: Head of Public Affairs Steen Thorsted, Danish EU representation in Brussels

The above workshop themes are confirmed. More presenters will be confirmed shortly. 

For all workshops, resource persons will be available to share their knowledge, representing:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Trade Council
  • Danish Energy Agency
  • Confederation of Danish Industry
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