UK Energy Export Dialogue Meeting

UK is a strong partner and export market for Danish energy technology and it is an important focus country in the Danish Export Strategy for Energy.

UK attracts special interest in 2020 i.e. due to BREXIT, the hosting of COP26 in Glasgow in November, the North Sea Energy Hub and the plans for establishing Viking Link as an interconnector between Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Danish business, organizations and authorities collaborate to forge an even closer energy partnership between our countries. The UK Energy Export Dialogue Meeting takes place on Monday 2 March 2020 at House of Green, Vesterbrogade 1E, Copenhagen. It provides an opportunity for dialogue and joint planning between all involved parts.

The UK Energy Export Dialogue Meeting is for a limited group of company representatives who will get an opportunity to discuss the energy outlook for UK, to get an update on export instruments and upcoming events for 2020. Further, it will enable participants to give concrete feedback and suggestions to the Danish-UK Energy Governance Partnership and other support activities undertaken by Danish authorities, the Trade Council and business organizations.

The meeting is followed by an orientation and dialogue on UN’s Climate Summit (COP26) which will take place in Glasgow in November and provide opportunities for Danish companies to attend and strengthen their relations with UK institutions and partners.
The meeting is organized in a collaboration between DI Energy, State of Green, Danish Embassy in London, Danish Energy Agency and Danish Board of District Heating.