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EU's Recovery Programme

Presentations and dialogue with experts from companies, embassies and institutions.

EU's Recovery Programme

Market workshop #1 from 11.00-11.55

EU has allocated 750 billion Euro (!) for a recovery programme aiming to re-ignite growth and employment after the setback caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Large proportion of the programme will be allocated for green investments. The funds will be used across all EU members states – with particular concentration in Central and Eastern as well as South Western countries.

A strong Danish export promotion programme has been put in place to enable Danish exporters to participate in tenders and increase their sales related to the EU Recovery Programme. Two particular work tracks are planned for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Embassies associations and advisors are gathering information and promoting Danish solution. Companies are pursuing the commercial opportunities.

At this workshop we provide an overview of funds and a tool for monitoring upcoming tenders – at country and activity level. We take a “deep dive” into Poland, Italy and Spain looking at expected investments and projects and ways to approach them.

Get the overview – from policies and strategies to concrete investments and project opportunities from DI and the Trade Council.


  • Head of Trade Peter Mygind, Danish Embassy in Warzaw
  • Head of Trade Thomas Rizk, Danish Embassy in Rome
  • Director Karolina Barcewicz, Danfoss
  • Senior Advisors Nina Milling Riiser and Bertil Egger Beck, Confederation of Danish Industry

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