World Energy Outlook 2022

World Energy Outlook 2022 is published annually by the International Energy Agency. With the world in the midst of the first global energy crisis – triggered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine – the World Energy Outlook 2022 provides indispensable analysis and insights on the implications of this profound and ongoing shock to energy systems across the globe.

Join us for a presentation by IEA’s Chief Energy Economist Tim Gould and discussions with Danish senior energy business leaders. See the full programme to the right.

What are the root causes behind increasing energy prices and how will new supply patterns look? Based on the latest energy data and market developments, this year’s WEO explores key questions about the crisis:

  • Will it be a setback for clean energy transitions or a catalyst for greater action?
  • How might government responses shape energy markets?
  • Which energy security risks lie ahead on the path to net zero emissions?

The Danish launch event 2022 is hosted by the Danish Energy Industries Federation (DI Energy) in collaboration with the International Energy Agency.

See World Energy Outlook 2022 – here – and read the executive summary here.

Anne Rosted

Anne Rosted


Hans Peter Slente

Hans Peter Slente

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