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Green Energy Export Day

Green Energy Export Day 2023 gathers the energy industry, experts and market advisors to share knowledge on market opportunities, exports and international partnerships. Join a day of conference, workshops and intense networking.

Geopolitics = Energy = Exports

Current geopolitical disruptions threaten energy security. An increasing global population puts pressure on energy resources. The climate crisis is now widely felt and a fact beyond doubt. It all points to the need for green energy transition. Global demand for green energy solutions is higher than ever and Danish companies deliver their solutions worldwide.

Denmark = a Strong Green Brand = Use It

Denmark is recognized for its pioneering and leading role in green energy solutions. Danish authorities share Danish best practice in green energy. Danish export instruments are in place to finance project and exports in green energy. Denmark is building green energy partnership with a range of big, wealthy, growing and very interesting export markets.

Meet Up = Partner Up

At Green Energy Export Day, you will meet Danish advisors, experts and colleagues from industry active in a range of markets and technology areas such as wind energy, district energy, energy efficiency, Power-to-X and bioenergy. You will get the latest market updates and news about current export opportunities and campaigns.

Conference = Workshops = Market Place

Get valuable market insights in markets and technologies of interest to you. Get the latest perspectives on the export outlook. Learn about the latest strategies and plans to further enable and support your exports. Meet colleagues and experts. Green Energy Export Day is your all-in-one Swiss army knife.



All organisers of Green Energy Export Day 2023 provide an overview of their resources and activities here:

Anne Rosted

Anne Rosted


Hans Peter Slente

Hans Peter Slente

Fagleder for grøn energieksport