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Still more countries work to industrialise the production of biogas to large-size plants at utility scale – having a real macro impact on energy supply and security. Meanwhile, other organic waste streams continue growing as an energy source – turning waste into energy in still more markets.

Danish companies are on the forefront with relevant technologies and experience in this regard and there are ample opportunities to pursue the export opportunities. The potentials and plans – both with a view to selected European markets and the US – are discussed at two workshops on bioenergy.

13.00 WORKSHOP #2


Germany has been a biogas pioneer since the 1990s. Danish companies can enhance efficiency and construct new facilities, reducing the use on energy crops. Biogas demand, particularly in the German transport sector, is on the rise. Over half of Germany's renewable energy comes from biomass, thanks to its significant agricultural and forest land. Danish biomass technology can help to efficiently utilize these resources.

Poland aims to expand its predominantly small biogas plants as a way to accelerate the green transition and improve energy security. With a biomass potential of 895 PJ, one of the highest in the EU, biomass could meet over 20% of Poland's energy consumption, offering opportunities for Danish companies in the sector.

A European export perspective, by CEO Ole Hvelplund, Nature Energy Biogas
Outlook for the biogas and bio boiler market in Germany and Poland. Trends, policies and regulatory framework:
- Germany by Kathrin Holm, Advisor Energy & Environment, Danish Embassy in Berlin
- Poland  by Jeppe Juul Petersen, Regional team leader in CEE, Danish Embassy in Warzaw

Experiences, challenges and successes on the German and Polish markets
Mette Smedegaard Hansen, Corporate Affairs Director, Nature Energy Biogas
Jens-Ole Aagaard Jensen, CEO, Focus BioEnergy 

Moderator / organiser
Kristian Nielsen, Head of Secretariat, Green Gas Denmark, DI Energy, krni@di.dk

14.30 WORKSHOP #3


With the adoption of Inflation Reduction Act in 2022, the United States accelerates green energy investments significantly. With large amounts of organic waste that can be processed in biogas plants and very large biomass resources available, this provides good export opportunities for Danish companies in a broad and technologically well-developed value chain for biogas and biomass technologies. But how do you establish yourself in the market and what opportunities are offered when it comes to subsidies and regulatory frameworks? What are the opportunities for exporters and for investors?

Welcome by Jens-Ole Aagaard Jensen, CEO, Focus BioEnergy
The biogas and bioboiler market in the US: Trends, policies and regulatory framework by Morten Siem Lynge, Consul General in Houston

Successful Danish bioenergy solutions in the American market
Michael Nissen, CEO, Nissen Energy
Patrick Kongsbak, Head of Business Development, CM Biomass

Kristian Nielsen, Head of Secretariat, Green Gas Denmark, DI Energy

Responsible organiser / contact person

Kristian Nielsen, Leading Senior Advisor, Green Gas Denmark, krni@di.dk, 52132375


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