DI Energi Arrangementer og netværk


13.15 – 14.00

Poland, Denmark’s neighbour, is a top energy export destinations and attracts many Danish energy companies for exports, project development, investment, manufacturing and development. Poland is connected to Denmark via Baltic Pipe and our countries have much to gain by further common infrastructure. Poland’s green energy ambitions have never been stronger, and billions of euros are being released for Poland’s green energy transition, e.g. through EU’s Recovery Programme which has just been activated in Poland. Denmark is well positioned, through the Energy Governance Programme and other initiatives, to reap the benefits from a growing green energy collaboration.

Introduction to Energy in Poland, by Niels Malskær, Senior Energy Advisor, Danish Embassy in Warsaw
EU Funds for Green Investments, by Nina Enevoldsen, Head of Trade, Danish Embassy in Warsaw
Wind Energy – Plans and Prospects, by Jeppe Johansen, Chief Advisor, Danish Energy Agency
District Heating – Upcoming National Strategy, by Bue Rømer Tidemann, Energy Advisor, Danish Energy Agency
Energy Infrastructure, by Bothilde Benedikt Nielsen, International economist, Energinet
Dialogue and conclusions

Niels Malskær, Senior Energy Advisor, Danish Embassy in Warsaw