THURSDAY 3 DECEMBER 2020 AT 10.00 TO 11.30

Energy Efficiency in a German Perspective
Germany is preparing a roadmap to halve primary energy consumption by 2050 (from 2008). A special focus is on energy demand in the heating sector and from buildings. In line with this, Baden-Württemberg has a goal of cutting in half the final energy consumption for heating and electricity by 2050. The state considers buildings a key focus area to achieve this goal.

Baden-Württemberg is an Energy Partner to Denmark
Baden-Wurttemberg is Germany’s third largest federal state lead by a coalition of the Green Party and CDU. Baden-Württemberg has 10 million inhabitants and is one of Germany’s economic power houses. The state has an energy partnership with Denmark which enables the exchange of knowledge and best practice in energy. Through this partnership, a number of official exchanges and business meetings have taken place in recent years.

Webinar on EE in Buildings
This virtual meeting will highlight successful measures to reduce energy consumption in buildings in Baden-Württemberg. Some of the areas, where there is an energy saving potential are::
- Energy and indoor climate in schools
- Phasing out of oil boilers and phasing in of heat pumps
- Use of digitization in buildings

The webinar will enable participants to understand the current plans, priorities and projects under way in Baden-Württemberg and share insights from working with EE in buildings.


    • 10.00 Welcome and Introduction

      Hans Peter Slente, Senior Advisor, Danish Energy Industries Federation

    • 10.05 EE in Buildings in Germany – A Danish Perspectives on Collaboration

      Anne Svendsen, Senior Energy Advisor, Danish Energy Agency

    • 10.20 EE Policies and Plans for Baden-Württemberg

      Tilo Kurtz, Head of Department and Nils Hücklekemkes, Building Advisor, Ministry of Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector, Baden-Württemberg

    • 10.40 Our Experience Designing Energy Efficient Buildings in Germany

      Werner Frosch, Managing Director, Henning Larsen Architects Germany

    • 10.55 Our Experience Working with EE in Buildings in Germany

      Stefan Lorenzen, Regional Manager D-A-CH, Dalux

    • 11.10 Promoting EE in Buildings in Germany

      Charlotte Gjedde, Head of Partnerships, State of Green

    • 11.15 EE in Building – Taking Part in New Challenges and Projects

      Robert Perz, Director, DI Germany

    • 11.20 Questions and answers – join the chat

    • 11.30 Conclusion