Go Export with Alibaba.com: Unlocking the Global B2B Ecommerce Opportunity

Join us to learn how Alibaba.com can help you expand your export activities, reaching and matching with more than 40 million active buyers in over 190 countries. This webinar will be focused on the food & drink category.

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DI Fødevarer is pleased to invite you to this “Go Export” webinar organized in partnership with Alibaba.com, to explore how to leverage digital tools on the B2B marketplace to more easily and cost effectively connect with new buyers around the world.

Alibaba.com is the leading platform for global B2B e-commerce, enabling Danish SMEs to reach and match with more than 40 million active buyers in over 190 countries - from the US to India, Brazil to the EU. The marketplace sees strong international demand across a broad range of categories, with roughly 340,000 inquiries submitted every day on the platform. Food & drink is among the most in-demand category.com on Alibaba demand growing faster than supply.

During the webinar, Alibaba.com will also present the Danish Pavilion project, to further help Danish companies increase their visibility and customer reach on Alibaba.com.



Welcome and introduction
Director Leif Nielsen, DI Fødevarer


Introduction to Alibaba
Business Development Director Jack Peters, Alibaba Group


Introducing the leading platform for global B2B e-commerce
Strategic Partnerships Manager Margherita Mistura, Alibaba.com

How Alibaba.com’s service partner can support SMEs’ success
Founder Michiel Ebbing, Alioth

First-hand experience of a successful seller on Alibaba.com




Closing remarks
Mie Bilberg, DI e-commerce