The Danish ingredient Industry

Danish ingredients for more sustainable food solutions worldwide

A successful story with Danish roots dating decades back

The Danish ingredient industry is in a unique position of strength, and Denmark is a global market leader within food ingredients. For more than 100 years the Danish industry has managed to utilize and optimize the side streams derived from food production. And managed to develop new food products that meets the expectations of the global consumer.

History wise, we have always worked with natural raw materials to secure food – also in times where natural resources were scarce. It is an integrated part of our food culture. The aim was to ensure our survival in interaction with the nature. Around the world, and at all times, man has experimented with the raw materials of nature.  New knowledge, new processing methods and creative combinations have enabled us to use the food resources optimally.

Processing methods and creative combinations created new possibilities

We fermented the milk and it turned into yogurt. We added enzymes to milk, and this gave us cheese. Fish and meat were salted, dried, and smoked, while vegetables and berries were pickled - all to prolong shelf life and ensure that nothing was wasted.
The modern ingredients industry originates from the same tradition. The aim is – now as then – to optimize the use of the world’s food resources to avoid food waste and at the same time protect the environment.

What are ingredients?

Processing of natural raw materials and development of ingredients and methods earlier took place locally, but the development within the industry and its products has resulted in a gigantic push and knowledge boost. Thus,  the companies of the industry are now able to produce on a global level. This development provides completely new opportunities to contribute with solutions within climate and food security - in Denmark and the rest of the world.

Innovative partnerships, the latest research and technology - coupled with the same initial focus on responsible and optimal use of the planet's resources - place the food ingredient industry at the heart of addressing global challenges and meeting the UN's Global Goals. Here, Denmark plays a special role, as Danish companies are global leaders and supply ingredients that help producers worldwide to secure the food solutions of the future.

The role of the industry is to add an indispensable part of the recipe for a common, sustainable future – in order for knowledge and research to generate new food ingredients.