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IngredientsForum is the association of Denmark's leading ingredient industries, which produce and sell ingredients for meals worldwide. The association was established in 2010 with the aim of maintaining and expanding the strong position of the industry.

The ingredients industry is a knowledge-intensive and innovative industry with a global outlook. The industry works purposefully to research and generate new knowledge that can be translated into new and more sustainable and resource-efficient products. The industry is therefore also a significant contributor to achieving several of the UN's Sustainability Goals by 2030. In fact, the ingredients industry can be described as the global food sector's innovative helper that enables the production of innovative and sustainable products of high quality for the global consumer.

The ingredients industry is the global food sector's innovative helper that enables the production of innovative and sustainable products of high quality


Unfortunately, very few Danes know that Denmark is an international flagship in the production of food ingredients. Even fewer know that the ingredients of the ingredients sector have an impact on the quality, taste and characteristics of food, and that the products of the Danish ingredients sector enable the global food sector to produce innovative, high quality products for the global consumer.

Thus, IngredientsForum work to ensure that the importance of Danish ingredients in modern foods are spread and interpreted. By exploring the stories on this site, you can find very concrete examples of the value that the ingredient industry creates for the Danish as well as the global community.

Pernille, Arla Foods

"Personally, I have always been driven by a curiosity to understand the extreme biological complexity that underlies a well-functioning body. In particular, I am fascinated by the science of how the body's health can be affected naturally through diet and lifestyle. The work in the ingredient industry provides a completely unique opportunity to both generate, translate and apply that science for the benefit of people."

Who are the companies?

Produces cultures, enzymes, probiotics and natural colors for a rich variety of goods.

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Produces products that affect the appearance, consistency and taste of various foods.

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Researches and supplies high quality whey ingredients that support the food industry.

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Specializes in formulations of vitamins, carotenoids, fish oils, flavors and colors.

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Develops creative taste experiences with a focus on ecology and naturalness.

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Produces proteins and flavor concentrates from natural animal ingredients.

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Produces ingredients to improve texture and stability in food products.

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Develops sustainable vegetable oil solutions for e.g. the food and cosmetics industry.

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Produces emulsifiers for use in foods such as chocolate, ice cream and yogurt etc.

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Capital Region of Denmark:

Dupont | Chr. Hansen | BASF | Einar Willumsen

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CP Kelco

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Arla Foods Ingredients | Palsgaard | AAK

North Region of Denmark:

Essentia Protein Solutions