The Danish Food and Drink Federation

The Danish Food and Drink Federation (DI Fødevarer) is an independent business organization within the Confederation of Danish Industries (DI). As an integral part of the Confederation of Danish Industries, The Danish Food and Drink Federation represents the food and drink sector, specifically the processing food and beverage companies.

The Food and Drink Federation represents +250 food and drink companies, right from small entrepreneurs to the biggest global food companies in Denmark. We take care of market policy issues, food regulatory items as well as research and innovation policies towards the food sector.

The Danish Food and Drink Federation was established in 1999. Our members cover the processing food industry widely, ranging from producers of bread, cake, and chocolate companies to industrial meat establishments, the fishing industry and beverages. Ingredients companies, manufacturers of food supplements and international brands are a part of our members as well.

What do we offer?

Political influence
The Danish Food and Drink Federation ensures political influence and affect affairs relating to food policy that are relevant to our members.

We offer member service in the form of focused information and guidance on regulation, market opportunities, and new initiatives. Also, we strengthen the industry by encouraging collaborations and knowledge sharing through the establishment of industry sections, networks, and other arrangements.

A unified voice
The Danish Food and Drink Federation is the unified voice of the food and drink companies in the aim to influence the authorities and policy-makers. Also, we have an opinion on every aspect in the public debate that influence our member companies and try to spread knowledge and thoughts on current themes relating to food policy.

The Danish Food and Drink Federation is a reliable knowledge center that sets the agenda with our own analyses. Vi apply the analyses when briefing our member companies and as a base for influencing the food and drink industry and its regulatory framework.