Our mission is to strengthen the innovation and competition power of Danish trading companies with knowledge in sales, marketing, customer service and e-commerce.

Access to Networks, Influence and a World of Knowledge

Danish Commercial Industries Federation is a unit of DI (Confederation of Danish Industry). We represent the trading companies, and our more than 2.000 members include Danish wholesalers, production companies and trading businesses selling all kinds of products ranging from liquorice, rubber boots and soap to sand, steel and machines.

Our mission is to create optimum conditions for the trading companies and help our members stay among the best performing trading companies in the world. We do this by providing news, networks and events, strengthening their innovation skills and competitiveness within sale, marketing, customer service and e-commerce.

Our focus
Danish trading companies’ success depends to a great extent on their ability to develop new ideas and their power to compete. The frontrunners are those capable of creating interaction between the four disciplines: marketing, e-commerce, sale and customer service. In fact, the four disciplines are transitioning and, subsequently, leaders and employees are more than ever in need of new knowledge and tools to support and strengthen sales of the Danish trading companies.

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E-mail: handel@di.dk
Telephone: +45 3377 3377