10.08.22 DI Rådgiverne Nyheder

Advice in English on di.dk

A new feature has been launched under advice on di.dk, allowing you to switch languages to English. This means you can easily translate DI advice on staff law and other topics.

The feature is currently launched in the left corner of all pages under "Advice", i.e. also all pages on Staff Relations, including navigation pages, case pages, document pages and news pages.

The function translates all elements on the page, including navigation and most "blocks" with specially highlighted information or functionality, e.g. "Get message" etc. However, the contact form is not translated as it is in a different system.

Risk of error

The translation from Danish to English on di.dk is automatic and generally quite good, but translations from one language to another are never 1-1, and strange errors or deviations from the terminology we usually use can occur.

Please feel free to write to us if you become aware of an incorrect translation of one or more words.

Send an e-mail

Type "Translation into English on di.dk" in the subject field, insert the link to the page and write which word has been translated incorrectly and any suggestions for a better translation. Send the e-mail to personaleupdate@di.dk.

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