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About DI Transport Federation

Danish Transport Federation (DI Transport) is an integral part of the Confederation of Danish Industries (DI), and is working to ensure a more efficient transport market in Denmark and in the EU.

DI Transport represents a wide range of associations and companies within the transport industry and we focus on the entire transport chain.

DI Transport represents the majority of Danish hauliers carrying out national and international transport of goods. Further to this DI Transport represents Danish ports, airports and Danish bus and coach companies.

Furthermore, DI Transport is engaged in efforts to improve the conditions for public transport and better regulation of the taxi industry.

DI Transport will ensure intelligent green transformation of the transport sector, ensuring both high mobility and corporate competitiveness.

In promoting the Danish transport companies DI Transport acts on behalf of more than +xxx companies, right from small enterprises to the largest transport and logistics companies in Denmark.

We take care of market policy issues, regulatory issues ss well as research and innovation policies towards the transport sector.

We believe that a well-developed infrastructure ensures high mobility for citizens and businesses. This increases the competitiveness of Danish companies because they can only be productive when less time is wasted in the traffic.

We believe that a well-functioning and efficient public transport is essential to reduce congestion and attract the right workforce.

We believe that Denmark should be leading in transport and logistics.

We are working to create the best framework conditions for the transport of people and gods as well as promoting multimodality, efficient transport centers and a world-class infrastructure.

We will ensure that the transport industry has an influence in several areas such as growth and productivity, the environment and climate policy.

We focus on the supply chain and the context of the transport system across the industry.

What do we offer?

Political influence

Danish Transport Federation ensures both political influence and a guiding influence on the regulatory framework relating to transport policy relevant to our members.


We offer member service in the form of focused information and guidance on regulation, market opportunities, and new initiatives. Furthermore, we strengthen the industry by encouraging collaborations and knowledge-sharing through the establishment of industry sections, networks, and conferences.

A unified voice

Danish Transport Federation is the unified voice of the transport companies from all modes of transport in the aim to influence both authorities and policy-makers. We form an opinion on transport related issues in the public debate that may influence our members and strive to extend knowledge and thoughts on current themes relating to transport policy.


Danish Transport Federation is a reliable information center that sets the agenda with our own analyses. We use the analyses as a basis when briefing our members and as a basis for influencing the regulatory framework for the Danish transport market.

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