News and recommendations regarding COVID-19

DI is closely monitoring the situation of COVID-19.

Orientation to all DI-members

If your company is a member of DI, you can re-read emails from DI's CEO Lars Sandahl Sørensen to all DI-members.

8 april 2020

Controlled reopening of Denmark

Full mail (pdf)

6 April 2020

Need for extending Aid Packages

Full email (PDF)

5 APRIL 2020

New DI initiative: "Denmark out of the crisis. - Back to green growth”

Full mail (PDF)

1 April 2020

Entry restrictions

Full mail (PDF)

30 MARCH 2020

Wage Compensation: Higher Limits and Rotation Schedules

Full email (PDF)

26 March 2020

Initiative to support companies – additional wage compensation

Full email (PDF)

19 March 2020

Wage compensation and initiative to support struggling companies

Full email (PDF) Fact sheet (PDF)

18 March 2020

Dealing with the new measures

Full email (PDF)

17 March 2020

New measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Full email (PDF)

15 March 2020

New agreement compensating wage costs

Full email (PDF)

COVID-19 message from Peter Thagesen, Confederation of Danish Industry: Denmark still open for business

Aleksander Hørup

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