News and recommendations regarding COVID-19

DI is closely monitoring the situation of COVID-19.

Orientation to all DI-members

If your company is a member of DI, you can re-read emails from DI's CEO Lars Sandahl Sørensen to all DI-members.

8 November 2020

New restrictions from the UK

Full mail (PDF)

7 November 2020

New agreement on pay compensation to North Jutland

Full mail (PDF)

5 November 2020

Extensive restrictions in North Jutland

Full mail (PDF)

28 October 2020

Extension of relief packages

Full mail (PDF)

24 october 2020

Migrant workers

Full mail (PDF)

22 october 2020

Travel guidelines

Full mail (PDF)

24 september 2020

Germany and Corona Risk Area

Full mail (PDF)

18 september 2020

New corona restrictions

Full mail (PDF)

15 September 2020

Kickstarting exports and work-sharing

Full mail (PDF)

31 August 2020

Tripartite work-sharing agreement

Full mail (PDF)

28 August 2020

Fixed-cost compensation scheme

Full mail (PDF)

18 August 2020

Proposal for an early retirement scheme

Full mail (PDF)

25 May 2020

DI’s Export Plan and New Government Initiatives

Full mail (PDF) The 20 step plan in short (PDF) Press Release (in Danish) Full plan (PDF, in Danish)

14 May 2020

Mail to members re KLAR

Full mail (PDF) Press release (in Danish)

7 May 2020

The second phase of the controlled reopening

Full mail (PDF) Political agreement (PDF, in Danish) Press release (in Danish)

30 april 2020

Extraordinary staff reductions and savings in DI

Full mail (pdf)

24 April 2020

Further initiatives to prevent and contain infection by COVID-19

Full mail (pdf) Press release The government's seven initiatives for migrant labour genstartNU

21 April 2020

Contingency and aid packages

Full mail (pdf)

14 april 2020

Reopening the society and aid packages

Full mail (pdf)

8 april 2020

Controlled reopening of Denmark

Full mail (pdf)

6 April 2020

Need for extending Aid Packages

Full email (PDF)

5 APRIL 2020

New DI initiative: "Denmark out of the crisis. - Back to green growth”

Full mail (PDF)

1 April 2020

Entry restrictions

Full mail (PDF)

30 MARCH 2020

Wage Compensation: Higher Limits and Rotation Schedules

Full email (PDF)

26 March 2020

Initiative to support companies – additional wage compensation

Full email (PDF)

19 March 2020

Wage compensation and initiative to support struggling companies

Full email (PDF) Fact sheet (PDF)

18 March 2020

Dealing with the new measures

Full email (PDF)

17 March 2020

New measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Full email (PDF)

15 March 2020

New agreement compensating wage costs

Full email (PDF)

Guidelines for reopening your office workplaces

Please find information about how to organize rooms, handle sickness, advise staff, ease the strain on public transportation etc. from the Danish Business Authority:

Guidelines for a safe organization of office workplaces etc.

Guidelines on limitation of strain on public transport


Any questions?

Contact Søren Falck, Senior Consultant, DI,

How to limit the risk of Corona infection at the workplace

Please refer to and follow the Danish Health Authorities guidelines, which are continuously updated at these sites:

Prevent the spread of coronavirus

Questions and answers on novel coronavirus

The Danish Health Authority has published posters that you can print and display at your workplace. The posters focus on best-practices on how to limit the risk of being infected:

Download infographics and posters in English 

Download posters on how to prevent infection in 10 different languages

Relevant phone numbers

For general information in English about corona in Denmark:


Joint Danish Authorities Hotline:

Call +45 7020 0233


The Danish Health Authority Hotline:

For general advice about covid-19 call +45 7222 7459


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark's Citizen Service:

For general advice about travel call +45 3392 1112

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