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DI: Foreign employees are highly important for our growth and welfare

The government’s aim to improve opportunities to recruit talented employees from abroad is important both for businesses and for Denmark, says CEO of the Confederation of Danish Industry, Karsten Dybvad in response to the prime minister’s speech marking the opening of parliament.

“Companies cannot continue creating new jobs and growth in Denmark if they aren’t able to supplement their workforce with talented employees from abroad. The government is therefore right to focus on this issue. Denmark’s ability to attract international talent will be of great importance for the country’s growth and welfare in coming years,” says Karsten Dybvad.

He warns parties against focusing too narrowly on welfare leading up to the parliamentary election without offering concrete proposals for how to secure the growth needed to finance greater welfare expenses.

“We are entering an election year, and it is therefore unsurprising that many parties are focused on increasing spending on welfare. But it is important that politicians remember that welfare is dependent on companies’ ability to bring growth and jobs to Denmark,” says Karsten Dybvad.

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We need to get more Danes into jobs and make it easier to bring in talented employees from abroad. Director General, CEO Karsten Dybvad, DI

“Already now one out of ten companies are forced to turn down orders because they lack sufficient labour. The situation is getting dire, and action is required now. We need to get more Danes into jobs and make it easier to bring in talented employees from abroad,” says Karsten Dybvad.

DI also applauded the prime minister’s emphasis on environmental issues and green transition in his speech. 

“There is quite simply no alternative to the green transition, and fortunately green solutions are a definite strength for Denmark. We were therefore pleased that the prime minister expressed such clear green ambitions in his speech. We have a shared responsibility to carry out the transition in the best way possible so Danish companies can maintain their strong position in the international competition,” says Karsten Dybvad.

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