04.10.18 DIB News

Key indicators: Job figures are a headache for business

Decreasing unemployment and lack of skilled hands and minds is putting pressure on companies and forcing them to turn down orders.

From July to August unemployment fell by 600 people, newly published figures from Statistics Denmark show.

“Over the past twelve months, the total number of unemployed people has decreased by 11,200. The fact that more and more people are finding jobs shows that the dynamic between jobseekers and business is working. Neither jobseekers nor companies can be accused of sitting idly by,” says Director at DI, Steen Nielsen.

“However, the major decrease in the number of available hands and minds in the labour market means that companies are unable to obtain the employees they require. If we do nothing, we risk that an otherwise happy upswing story will come to an abrupt end,” says Steen Nielsen. 

Steen Nielsen

Steen Nielsen

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