Pharmaceutical company LEO Pharma has employees of many nationalities and is constantly in need of highly skilled labour.

16.08.18 DIB News

DKK 5 million grant to attract talents across the Atlantic

With a DKK 5 million-grant from the Danish Industry Foundation, the Confederation of Danish Industry is now establishing a national partnership with MIT in Boston. The country programme will strengthen the link between Danish businesses and MIT by recruiting students for internships at Danish companies, building networks and promoting Denmark as a career destination.

“The competition for the smartest heads is global. That is why it’s important that Danish companies increasingly gain access to tech-savvy talents from some of the world’s leading education institutions. In addition, we will gain a competitive advantage if Denmark and Danish businesses gain an even better reputation abroad, both as a place to study and to work,” says Mads Lebech, CEO at the Danish Industry Foundation, which has granted nearly DKK 5 million for the establishment and development of the new partnership with MIT.

Programme manager employed at MIT

The Confederation of Danish Industry is the initiator of the programme and will be responsible for overseeing the national partnership. To oversee the country programme, MIT will employ a programme manager who will look after the interests of Danish companies at MIT and organise events to promote Danish businesses among university students and faculty.

“We are very pleased with this opportunity to connect MIT students to Danish industry. It is our hope that through this collaboration we will continue to strengthen ties between MIT and Denmark,” says Richard Lester, Associate Provost for International Activities at MIT.

The competition for the smartest minds is global Mads Lebech, CEO at the Danish Industry Foundation

Danish pharmaceutical company LEO Pharma already has a unit in Boston, and according to Mette Vestergaard, Executive Vice President, Global People & Communications, LEO Pharma, the reason is that Boston is a global hub for life sciences and technology.

“Through our own LEO Science & Tech Hub in Boston, we’ve clearly seen the value that presence among and collaboration with the many research and education institutions in the area generates. Initiatives like DI’s partnership with MIT are important in relation to highlighting the exciting opportunities that Danish businesses have to offer. And we are constantly in need of highly skilled labour,” says Mette Vestergaard.

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Great need across industries

According to DI, the global competition for the most qualified workers, particularly within IT, engineering and life sciences, has only become tougher in recent years. If Denmark’s high-tech enterprises are to sustain growth and competitiveness, they must therefore be able to attract the world’s most talented candidates, says Thomas Bustrup, COO at the Confederation of Danish Industry.

“We need to make an extraordinary effort to attract the best students and researchers. That is why we need to be where the best educated candidates are. The partnership with MIT will provide Danish companies with a solid platform in Boston, allowing them to attract highly skilled workers and build partnerships with local businesses and within the area’s strong research environment,” says Thomas Bustrup.

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