As of 1 October, Deputy Director Kinga Szabo Christensen serves as director of DI International Business Development (DIBD).

29.10.19 DIB News

New director of DI’s international department

Deputy Director Kinga Szabo Christensen is the new director of DI International Development, DIBD. Her aim is to strengthen DI’s global activities and put sustainability at the fore.

As of 1 October, Deputy Director Kinga Szabo Christensen is the new director of the Confederation of Danish Industry’s global set-up, DI International Business Development (DIBD). She will work to make Danish companies world leaders in sustainable solutions:
“I am convinced that sustainability will be part of companies’ core business in the future, and if we do it right, it will be a critical strength for Denmark on the global stage,” says Kinga Szabo Christensen.

What are your goals as director of DIBD?

“We must turbocharge the agenda the UN has set with its 17 SDGs even more. Sustainable innovation must be a natural part of the strategy in export-oriented companies, and DI must be the place to which members turn to receive guidance and help in the form of expertise and concrete tools to undertake sustainable transformation. At the same time, we must also become better at making people aware of what we can offer at DIBD. None of our 11,000 member companies should be in doubt that if they need help to internationalise their business, DI is a reliable and experienced partner.

Which concrete initiatives are underway?

“We are working on expanding our global presence. That is why we have just strengthened our local presence in the German market, and we are in the process of opening an office in Kenya, which will serve as the hub for our local development projects there. In general, we will increase our efforts in relation to the SDGs, focusing especially on strengthening the green transition, promoting equality and helping young people in developing markets enter the labour market.

What other priorities does DIBD have?

“We actively support Denmark’s political aim of creating growth and decent jobs in developing countries. If we are to achieve such an ambitious goal, it’s crucial that also companies take responsibility. That is why DI contributes. Our projects often take place in collaboration with the trade union movement, because we have more than 100 years’ experience developing stable and robust labour markets.

What made you say yes to the job?

“I’ve lived in eight different countries, so I am probably what you could call a true global citizen. I grew up in Hungary, which was a closed, Communist society without trade or interaction with the rest of the world. At an early age, I fortunately became aware that there was a whole other world out there; a world of openness, collaboration and development.” 

“The reason why I’m passionate about working across cultures and nations is that I believe that globalisation can create a more open world in which we can learn from each other and work together towards finding the best solutions. I am incredibly proud to work at an organisation that takes responsibility and makes a difference - in Denmark and in less prosperous countries.”


Kinga Szabo Christensen has been employed at the Confederation of Danish Industry since 2008, holding the following positions:

•          2019 - : Director of DI International Business Development, DIBD

•          2016-2019: Director of Management Development and Productivity, Lupro

•          2014-2016: Director of Global Talent

•          2011-2014: Director of Danish Cleantech Hub in New York

•          2008-2011: Senior Advisor of DI International Business Development, DIBD


DI International Business Development (DIBD)

•          DIBD generates international opportunities and helps Danish companies seize them.

•          With a team in Copenhagen and seven offices in strategically critical markets, we serve as our members’ right hand when it comes to international activities.

•          We work with individual member companies as well as public-private partnerships, particularly in major cities where Danish technology can solve the challenges of the future. 

•          In addition, DIBD plays an active role in Danish development aid. Through strategic partnerships with Danida and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DI helps ensure that Danish aid creates sustainable growth and employment in developing countries, which are the growth markets of the future. 

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Kinga Szabo Christensen

Kinga Szabo Christensen

Deputy Director General

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