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Unemployment in Denmark still at historic low

New figures: Unemployment fell slightly in September and has now been on the decrease since 2012. Great news, says DI.

Fortunately unemployment is still at a historic low, notes DI following the release of new figures from Statistics Denmark. Unemployment remains largely unchanged, falling by just 400 people in September. Gross unemployment amounts to 104,300 persons, equivalent to an unemployment rate of 3.7 per cent, show the latest figures from Statistics Denmark.

“It’s great news that unemployment continues to be so low, and overall the rate has been falling since 2012,” says Steen Nielsen, Deputy Director at DI.

“It’s good for those who find jobs, and it strengthens Denmark’s economy. We need to get everyone who is capable of working into jobs.  And even that is not enough. Unlike their colleagues around Europe, Danish companies continue to thrive, which means it is still necessary to ensure access to sufficient labour - also from abroad,” says Steen Nielsen.

“Over the first six months of 2019, employers found that they could not find a qualified employee to fill a position in 62,700 cases. This is a problem for the individual employer, and it limits the country’s common welfare, because it impedes growth,” says Steen Nielsen.

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