DI Startup Toolbox

Are you looking to scale internationally? Do you have legal questions regarding recruitment and hiring? Are you figuring out how to utilize AI? DI is your advisor on your growth journey. Take a look below in the toolbox and let us help you.

Are you unsure about what to consider when hiring your first employee? Let's advise you on recruitment, employment contracts, forms of employment, rules for refugees and international workers.

Solve your legal issues precisely and easily with DI's digital tools: customize contracts and agreements, calculate notice periods, days of sick leave and more, and get answers to your legal questions quickly by DI's experts.

Are you planning to expand your startup to international markets? Through DI's local presence abroad, we offer your company advice, establishment, recruitment, administration and much more.

Learn more about how to customize your business model and strategy so that your company becomes sustainable from day one.

Find an overview of six export pools where your company can apply for support for advice, hiring new employees in Denmark, change of ownership, e-commerce, export projects or market modelling.

Your work environment must live up to certain criteria. We advise you on the physical and psychological work environment, the hybrid workplace, young people's work and more.

Optimize your online presence through DI's e-commerce community providing you knowledge, analysis and events. Join the community and get the latest insights and inspiration.

AI is going to revolutionize the way we organize and work. Learn about AI and receive help on how it can help you and your startup.

E-commerce, marketing, B2B sales, and customer experiences. Gain unique knowledge and insights through news, analyses, and events from specialists. Read more.